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Why Partner with Milanity

International Projects Experience

Starting in the United States since 2002, Milanity's founding team has completed over 2500 projects in 5 countries. Drawing from our vast experience, we take great pride in mentoring our partners to launch and grow successful businesses in the rapidly emerging field of digital living solutions.

Comprehensive Digital Living Platform

Milanity's natively developed Digital Living Platform, built on over 15 years of experience, is very comprehensive and integrates products from a variety of global technology brands (more info). Further, we can readily integrate information elements from various sources to provide seamless digital living experiences to our customers on each project.

High Quality Products

Milanity organically designs and develops robust technology products that are key components of the Milan Digital Living Experience. Further, a wide variety of products from reputable manufacturers for various applications are pre-integrated to our platform. This ensures that our partners have a variety of options when it comes to recommending the best products for each project keeping in mind the customer's needs and budget.

Robust Processes

Milanity offers an array of tools to our partners toward greatly enhancing efficiency and profitability of your business. Built on our extensive projects experience, these tools (such as Design, Proposals, CRM, Orders Management and Support) have been designed from the ground-up to ensure that our partners are focused on what matters most - happy customers.  

Business Opportunities

Partnership with Milanity will open up amazing business prospects as we are able to efficiently develop highly customized digital living solutions for a variety of opportunities such as residences, condominiums, hotels, resorts and restaurant chains. In fact, the more complex the project (commercial or residential), the more uniquely you will be placed in your market as Milanity's partner.

Customized and Personalized Solutions

Milanity's primary forte is being able to design and deliver highly customized solutions in an economical manner even for complex projects. Our Milan Digital Living Platform is designed to easily integrate devices and information elements seamlessly. From the perspective of an individual user, we are able to deliver deeply personalized solutions to make each person's life secure, convenient, healthy, enjoyable and connected.


Milanity's solutions are very economical primarily because our solutions are designed and delivered efficiently whether a project is small or large. Our highly integrated process across all elements of the value chain from proposals to customer support ensures that we are able to assist our partners in delivering optimal outcomes on every project.

Come Join Us

Whether you are an entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, architect, interior designer, electrical consultant or a contractor, we invite you to partner with Milanity and deliver beautiful digital living solutions that will delight your customers.